Rebranding: 5 critical mistakes to avoid

Rebranding Tips 1. Don’t look like everyone else The most common mistake we find when clients rebrand is that they look like everyone else in their market. If you look like everyone else then how do you stand out? I’m not saying look different for difference sake. But think what your brand stands for and […]

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Happy Christmas and by the way…..

Happy Christmas and by the way….. Don’t you just hate it when someone sends you a lovely email wishing you a happy Christmas but it has a sales message accompanying it along the lines of “…oh and by the way, we’ve had a brilliant year and if you wish to do business with us next […]

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3 Basic Rules of Online Marketing

The 3 basic rules of online marketing 1. Content is king In this world, everyone is a thought leader and I mean everyone. Last year it was expert, this year it’s thought leader! The funny thing is when you read what they have to say often they are all saying the same thing. In my opinion, […]

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Speak little, say much, get heard

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead” wrote Mark Twain. However, modern day’s business communication has to be more than short, it needs to be instant. Consumers have lost what little patience they might have once had. We all expect, if not demand, instant gratification. Whether […]

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Do you know what you are selling?

Do you? We have noticed two very distinctive ways businesses in our mind get it totally wrong and lose a lot of potential sales 1. Selling too many products or services: Too often we meet companies selling anything and everything just to get a buck. This is a good strategy when it’s suggested ‘if they […]

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Networking notworking?

Business Networking Notworking? Just how many networking groups and structures are there out there? BNI, NRG, supper club, ACE, First Tuesday and about a zillion beginning with the word entrepreneur. But in honesty how many actually create business, consistently, for a large percentage of the people who attend them? And how many are either a […]

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